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Beware of imposters!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - Charles Caleb Colton

While the above quote may have been true in 1820, it can be rather annoying in current times.

We here at Auto Performance Engineering have discovered a few instances of imitation that you need to be aware of.

Someone on Amazon is using the the characters "APE"

While it is true that we do not own the characters "APE" many folks have come to think of Auto Performance Engineering by the initials A-P-E. So, be aware that there is a vendor on Amazon that sells Chinese knock-off fuel pumps and kits described as "APE". Those are NOT the kits we sell. We sell only genuine Walbro fuel pump and modules.

A bit of searching on Amazon reveals that "APE" pumps are sold by TheFuelPumpShop. We have no idea why they call their pumps APE; none of the words in their business name spell A-P-E. They are a place in Southern CA; we are in North TX. They have Amazon do their fullfillment; we do our own packing and shipping, so we can keep track of everything.

Why does FuelPumpShop have an "APE eCatalog"?

It looks like these are the same folks as the Amazon seller above. They appear to have their own WWW site as well as the Amazon listings. We are a bit flattered that folks would use the same initials that we use, but it upsets us because the only reason we can figure they would use A-P-E is to deceive customers into buying their non-Walbro products.

These boxes even say "APE" on them

A search of Facebook turns up ARC Industrial Corporation. They have APE fuel pumps and their boxes even have APE on them.

Those folks also have an "APE eCatalog" and a-p-e in their domain name

We noticed a URL on the ARC Facebook page. The information page on that site is almost identical to the page for TheFuelPumpShop... go figure.

The moral of the story is that you really need to be careful who you buy from. If you are looking for a genuine Walbro pump, read the site carefully. DO NOT assume you are buying from Auto Performance Engineering if you see A-P-E.

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