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Provide a limited line of affordable performance car/truck parts to folks on the 'net.  I'm not out to take over the world; I just need a way to finance my fast-car hobby.  I was excited to find out that I could help other gearheads save a buck *and* still earn a few pennies at the same time.


I've been a car nut for many years.  But as with many car nuts, there never seems to be enough money to support my hobby. I started my little part-time business in August of 1997 to help other car guys and earn a little cash for my toys.

November 6, 2002:  I added a couple applications to the external pump page. I now have external pump kits for early Integras, Civics, and more. Plus, I needed to put some sort of note in the History section because I forgot to put anything there all year... yikes!.

December 1, 2001:  I added new applications for in-tank fuel pumps. '93-'97 Del Sol, '92-'96 Prelude, and '97-'00 Prelude

November 2001:  I discovered Internet Postage. I tried a couple different sources and finally settled on Endicia. Check 'em out.

November 2001:  I added new applications for in-tank fuel pumps. Acura NSX, CL, & TL, '90-'93 Integra, '89-'91 CRX, '88'-'91 Civic, and '95-'99 Neon

November 2000:  I removed the background graphics and graphical logos from the pages. Most of the pages I've seen with pictures and lots of junk moving around are only covering up the fact that they don't have much to offer. In keeping with my belief that a good site won't bog you down, I decided to cut the fluff.

I've been teaching myself JavaScript, and decided to put it to work. Let me know if it's too confusing.

August 2000:  I wanted to take something unique to the Syclone Typhoon Nationals. I ran across a custom garage/shop clock for the Grand National, and thought "we need something like that!"

March 2000:  After receiving many, many requests to accept credit cards, I finally broke down and got a merchant account. I thought a merchant account was cheap and simple, because so many folks have 'em. I had to jump through so many hoops and fill out umpteen forms. That merchant account isn't cheap, either. I didn't want to raise my prices to those folks that still want to pay with cash, so I have to charge an extra 5% for any credit card orders.

May 1999:  I learned of a possible bolt-in replacement for the stock intercooler water pump for the Syclone/Typhoon. After several weeks of research, I got one. It looks like a perfect replacement for the OEM pump. Check it out

March 1999:  I recently ran across a rather unique open-element air filter.  I'm in the process of gathering information.  If there is enough interest in those filters, I will pursue becoming a dealer for those filters. However, this market doesn't seem to be as "hot" as the fuel pump market. I couldn't get enough folks interested in the air filters, so I was unable to buy/stock any.

May 1998:  I was looking for a really good synthetic motor oil.  I contacted Red Line.  Their products are amazing, but their prices are not for the financially-challenged. I can't afford to stock any of the Red Line product line. If you need any cases of something, contact me, and I'll quote you a price.

Fall 1997:  My first action was to find an inexpensive fuel pump upgrade for the Syclone/Typhoon. Business was a little slow (okay, non-existent) until I learned Walbro was just about to release a new monster, in-tank 255 ltr/hr fuel pump. That was exactly what I was looking for!  Since then, I've sold hundreds of Walbro fuel pumps.

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© copyright 1999-2017 Auto Performance Engineering