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C5 Corvette fuel pump kit

For many years, Walbro had an exclusive contract with a single performance shop.   Recently, that contract expired.   While that is not too good for that unique performance shop, it is good for the C5 Corvette driver.   They can now choose where to buy the Walbro fuel pump ugrade.   This module fits 1997-2003 Corvettes built thru November 2002 [VIN 114930].

The C5 Corvette upgrade kit contains a unique 255 ltr/hr fuel pump built just for the C5 corvette fuel tank module and all parts shown in the above photo.   Have no fear, though, everything has been assembled for you.... mainly because it takes some special tools to get it all together.

Here is a photo of the assembled module.   Just drop it in your tank and go.   You can support over 500 horsepower for only $225.

About the only thing you may want is a new fuel tank seal kit.   That is a Delco part.   You can find it all over the place:

  • 1997-1999 Corvette - Delco part G4; GM part 12458450
  • 2000-2003 Corvette - Delco part G25; GM part 12459863

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© copyright 1999-2017 Auto Performance Engineering